The Art of Being Scouse

What it means to be born and bred in our wonderful city.  It isn’t in the census, it doesn’t appear on our Passports, and our parents didn’t have to declare it on our Birth Certificate. Yet being a Scouser is a identity that is recognized all of the world.


As everyone in Liverpool knows, we get our name from the Norwegian sailors’ dish Lobscouse. Being a Scouser gives you a special identity, people fall in love with Liverpudlians because of our upbeat attitude. We have a great outlook on life and a shield to protect us from life’s slings and arrows.


We seem to get everywhere; and when you can hear a Scouse in another part of the world, you always feel you can go over and say Hello, such is the bond between fellow Liverpudlians.     And another thing we have in our favour... we are the only city to have a ‘ology’. Phil Young co-created the Scouseology awards – Now in its 20th year and says “When you live and work away from home people instinctively call you ‘Scouse’ or ‘Scouser’.


On a more serious note, throughout history we have challenged the status quo and wore our hearts on our sleeves. Scouse is a mindset, a feeling, an outlook on life that is utterly unique.   The city’s culture, therefore, is irreverent, non deferential and cuttingly incisive, yet also sentimental and humane. So come on, let’s keep flying the Scouse flag, like.


At a glance

  • 154 modern bedrooms
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Guest business centre
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Great city-centre location
  • Car parking nearby